Clients in Columbia, Maryland

Having worked with Barbara on the design and set-up of our living room and witnessed the beauty of many of her homes, we truly feel that she has unique ability to incorporate a client's personal taste into designing rooms that are functional, comfortable and have impact.

We have known Barbara for many years and have loved her sense of style ... she has taken many a mundane room and fashioned it into, dare we say, 'room art' through great use of color, furniture placement and accessorizing. In one of her homes, we witnessed a large barren wall made into a focal point using an assortment of large unique picture frames! In her first condo, we recall admiring the roman shade window treatments she had found, only to find that she had actually made them herself!

In our first home, Barbara sketched her vision of what our combo LR/DR could become. We incorporated almost all of her ideas, including outlining the boxed bay window with an iron rod and dark green curtains that almost touched the ceiling and stretched much further than the window's frame. The difference it made was stunning, with many of that room's stylings incorporated into our current living room. To this day we continue to get compliments on the room's design.

Having seen her meld the old and the new, the large and the small, and even the ornate with what - at first glance - might have appeared ugly, we can honestly state that Barbara has great style and flair but also the aptitude and vision to design to a customer's personal taste in creative and appealing ways.



Client in Riverdale, Maryland

Barb did a wonderful job changing the 'feel' of my house by moving both the furniture and art around. I was very impressed to see the same furniture and art work moved around creating spaces and views that I had not considered. I am most impressed with her manipulation of corner spaces, which completely changed the feel of my house. She changed one corner by moving a small trunk from across the room and arranging layers of space with plants from other parts of the house. This layering results in an illusion of depth and increases the perceived overall space of my living room.

Besides seeing and suggesting changes within individual rooms, Barb is looking at the affect that changes in one room have on the view from another. One change of a bookcase in my office had an incredible visual effect as viewed from the living room. She was fully aware of the dual purpose of her room manipulations. When I hesitated about changes, she was very diplomatic; I went with her suggestion and the improvement was two-fold: one, it opened up the office and second, provided a pleasing view from the living room. I had felt the need to close the office door before; now it stays open.

Barb has exceptional talent in her visualization of what changes can be made to radically improve living spaces for both practical and visual concerns. She was very sensitive to my particular aesthetic taste and adapted her talents to my needs.



Client in Silver Spring, Maryland

Barb has the unique ability of being able to envision how a room or home could look, but also being able to listen to the tastes of those with whom she is working.  While touring my first condo, she came up with a list of suggested improvements. All of her ideas were wonderful, and most importantly for me, affordable. After her visit, I decided that I wanted to hire Barb not only to assist me with the placement of pictures and the like, but also to help me develop a plan for home improvements.

I first became aware of Barb's home design talents while watching the transformation of her new home. When she purchased it the interior looked rather cluttered and run-down. With the selection of paint colors, carpets, tile and the restoration of original heart pine hardwood floors she transformed this house into a warm & welcoming home.

I would happily recommend Barb for I believe she has an innate skill in the area of home design.

Sincerely yours,


Upcoming Testimonial

Silver Spring, Maryland

Client in McLean, Virginia

Barbara has assisted us with countless decorating projects in all of our homes. She excels at choosing paint colors, re-arranging furniture, adding new pieces, choosing fixtures, providing matching upholstery, making pillows, and everything else that will help to create a more functional and lovely space. 

She has an artistic eye and truly enjoys improving the functionality and appearances of spaces. We continue to appreciate all of her efforts, which have provided us with a wonderful home environment.


Client in Washington, D.C.

I worked with Barbara a number of years ago; we were all housed in the standard drab offices that most people live in during the work day. Within a month of Barb joining our group, her office morphed into a warm, inviting space with color, gentle lighting and "soul." It was obvious Barb had a passion and talent for color and design. My opinion about her talent was reinforced when I visited her home; she has a lovely sense of space, color and art.

Having absolutely no sense of color or home design, and having made a number of expensive poor decisions in the past, I called upon Barbara when it was time to purchase two living room chairs and repaint my home. Barbara was able to translate my vague thoughts into superb recommendations based on my current living space and personality. She guided me through wall color / fabric selection and found the perfect chairs and accent pillows for my living room.

I am very happy with the outcome - the wall colors and chairs are perfect and blend very nicely with my existing color palette. What could have been an anxious, lengthy process for me was quickly resolved by Barb with grace and stellar expertise.