creating unique peaceful homes together

I listen to your goals and place sentimental pieces with innovative additions. This hotel lobby inspires me with its balance.

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About Us


Eclectic Assemblage of Elements

In this living room, views & natural light showcase whimsical ambiance. Notice the reed stools around an 'animal print' bar in the far corner.


Please navigate to client testimonials for honest appraisal of what we can accomplish together.

My experience provides clients:

  • Consulting available during social distancing via text photos & chat
  • Listening actively to each client's wishes, goals & "blue sky thinking"
  • Rearranging existing pieces for maximum impact with minimal decor budget
  • Combining antiques with mod pieces to create interest
  • Sewing custom drapes or accent pillows
  • Creating corner interest to enlarge senses of space
  • Calling interest to lighting - including up-lighting for depth or spotlighting for art
  • Selecting timeless perfect paint colors for your home's serenity or statement accent
  • Re-hanging art for visual impact
  • Advising on furniture purchases to complement your lifestyle and the flow of traffic in each room or garden